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Welcome to my Northwest Beauties website.  This is a great place to view and download videos with lovely models in lingerie and swimwear.  DVD’s are available for purchase on request. 

There is no sexually explicit content in this website, but there are images of scantily clad and occasionally nude adult females.  If viewing this content offends you or is not allowed in your area, please leave this website.  This content is intended to be viewed and purchased by persons of 18 years of age or older.  If you are not at least 18 years old, please leave this website.  All models are 18 and over. 

If you have comments, suggestions, or questions, please email me.  If you have credit card issues, email me for alternate forms of payment.

My new video!  Sexy Kristy is back and smoking hot!

Over the last few months, Kristy has been making some excellent videos.  She is fit and toned and a lovely young lady.  I love Kristy’s beautiful blue eyes and her perfect bubble butt.  She is one of the best models I have ever worked with.

Check out the awesome pants she got in Vietnam.  That is what she wore to the shoot and I wanted her to model in them.  This video is a keeper.  Kristy is on a roll and I am pretty excited about our upcoming shoots.  Get on board the Kristy train.

Download Kristy #27 (35 minutes) for $10.00

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Kristy 27 1

Kristy 27 24

Kristy 27 31

Kristy 27 44

Kristy 27 84

Kristy 27 93

Kristy 27 120

Kristy 27 141

Kristy 27 156

Kristy 27 174

Kristy 27 188

Kristy 27 192

My new video!  Welcome back to sexy Rose!

Well, well, well, look who is back.  I always figured it was a matter of time and circumstance.  Rose is back and looking great.  She is very glad to be modeling again and does a great shoot for us. 

Download Rose #51 (35 minutes) for $10.00

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Rose 51 2

Rose 51 36

Rose 51 41

Rose 51 59

Rose 51 73

Rose 51 92

Rose 51 115

Rose 51 128

Rose 51 140

Rose 51 154

Rose 51 170

Rose 51 189

My new video!  Ashley K is back and smoking hot!

Ashley is looking good today.  Those tits are full and heavy and her booty is nice and toned from her workouts.  Ashley is posing better than ever.  She is really getting into the shoot and so am I.  As you can see, I get plenty of closeups of her fine, fine body.  Another excellent video from Ashley.

Download Ashley K #32 (60 minutes) for $20.00

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Ashley K 32 2

Ashley K 32 4

Ashley K 32 12

Ashley K 32 63

Ashley K 32 95

Ashley K 32 130

Ashley K 32 149

Ashley K 32 165

Angela CV17 211 (2)

Angela CV17 213 (2)

Angela CV17 229 (2)

Angela CV17 239 (2)

Angela CV17 248 (2)

Angela CV17 256 (2)

Angela CV17 271 (2)

Angela CV17 280 (2)

Angela CV17 309 (2)

Angela CV17 314 (2)

Angela CV17 331 (2)

Angela CV17 362 (2)

New from SW Amateur Video!  Check out new models Casie and Kayla!

We have two more cuties doing their auditions for SW Amateur Video.  I would definitely hire both of them.  Casie is super cute and she has a great set of boobs.  Kayla is a classic beautiful blonde Barbie doll with a very curvy figure.  We get plenty of closeups and face-shots of these two beauties.  I like the outdoors work with Casie.  Check these ladies out.

Download Casie and Kayla’s 34-minute video for $10.00

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SWAV Casie 11

SWAV Casie 26

SWAV Casie 28

SWAV Casie 52

SWAV Casie 66

SWAV Casie 76

SWAV Casie 86

SWAV Casie 115

SWAV Casie 127

SWAV Casie 143

SWAV Kayla 4

SWAV Kayla 24

SWAV Kayla 30

SWAV Kayla 34

SWAV Kayla 42

SWAV Kayla 58

New from WPL Productions!  Briella is back and smoking hot!

Whew, this is quite a booty parade!  Sexy babe Briella is back for a killer video for WPL Productions.  Briella is smoking hot.  She is slinky and sexy and she loves to tease.  It is always fun to watch a model who knows she is hot and wants everyone in the room to know it.  I really enjoy watching Briella.  She is perfect for this type of video.

Download Briella #4 (60 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

WPL Briella 4 6

WPL Briella 4 8

WPL Briella 4 45

WPL Briella 4 73

WPL Briella 4 87

WPL Briella 4 97

WPL Briella 4 119

WPL Briella 4 137

WPL Briella 4 156

WPL Briella 4 167

WPL Briella 4 219

WPL Briella 4 232

WPL Briella 4 248

WPL Briella 4 274

WPL Briella 4 282

WPL Briella 4 294

WPL Briella 4 335

WPL Briella 4 349

WPL Briella 4 380

WPL Briella 4 368

New from AP Studio!  Check out sexy Ellie!

Ellie looks great in her second video for AP Studio.  She wears some very hot outfits and does most of her posing on the bed.  She seems a little bit shy and it is fun to watch her in the sheer outfits.  Enjoy the show.

Download Ellie’s second 60-minute video for $20.00

Members enter here

AP Ellie 2 6

AP Ellie 2 21

AP Ellie 2 64

AP Ellie 2 73

AP Ellie 2 79

AP Ellie 2 131

AP Ellie 2 146

AP Ellie 2 168

AP Ellie 2 211

AP Ellie 2 239

AP Ellie 2 289

AP Ellie 2 310

AP Ellie 2 349

AP Ellie 2 403

My new video!  Alisha is back and smoking hot!

Alisha is back with another dynamite video for us.  She has been getting better with each shoot and is now making some excellent stuff.  Alisha is a lovely young lady with a great personality.  She is very upbeat and creative and is fun to listen to as she poses.  Alisha has a great set of boobs and we get to see more of them than ever before.  This one is a keeper.

Download Alisha #16 (60 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

Alisha 16 3

Alisha 16 11

Alisha 16 24

Alisha 16 50

Alisha 16 71

Alisha 16 102

Alisha 16 106

Alisha 16 124

Alisha 16 148

Alisha 16 165

Alisha 16 180

Alisha 16 194

Alisha 16 214

Alisha 16 236

Alisha 16 260

Alisha 16 282

Alisha 16 349

Alisha 16 356

Alisha 16 375

Alisha 16 382

New from SW Amateur Video!  Check out new models Jessica and Tanya!

Here is another audition tape from SW Amateur Video.  This week we have Jessica and Tanya, two stone hotties.  Jessica is busty and very hot and Tanya is a sexy little vixen.  I love to watch her writhing around in her white lacy lingerie.  She definitely passes my test, bring her back for a full shoot.  I like the close-in camera work in this video, it is nice and intimate.

Download Jessica and Tanya’s 45 minute video for $15.00

Members enter here

SWAV Jessica B 9

SWAV Jessica B 16

SWAV Jessica B 42

SWAV Jessica B 70

SWAV Jessica B 83

SWAV Jessica B 101

SWAV Jessica B 116

SWAV Jessica B 139

SWAV Tanya 11

SWAV Tanya 19

SWAV Tanya 64

SWAV Tanya 73

SWAV Tanya 84

SWAV Tanya 115

New from Sandlmodels!  Corrine is back with a hot video!

This is a great video.  Sweet Corrine is back for another hot video for Sandlmodels.  She is super cute and has great boobs and a great attitude.  I love her eyes and she has absolutely beautiful nipples, cherry red and just right.  Corrine does some great teasing and some very nice booty poses for us.  She finishes with a sexy shower and bath.  I really like Corrine and hope you will too.

Download Corrine #2 (60 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

SM Corrine 2 8

SM Corrine 2 37

SM Corrine 2 50

SM Corrine 2 79

SM Corrine 2 94

SM Corrine 2 120

SM Corrine 2 152

SM Corrine 2 161

SM Corrine 2 172

SM Corrine 2 212

SM Corrine 2 220

SM Corrine 2 253

SM Corrine 2 273

SM Corrine 2 285

SM Corrine 2 330

SM Corrine 2 342

SM Corrine 2 358

SM Corrine 2 389

New from WPL Productions!  Sexy Sirena is back!

Sexy babe Sirena is back for another hot video for WPL Productions.  Sirena is slinky and hot and very cute.  She is walking and talking and posing up a storm.  I always enjoy these lingerie teases and you will too.

Download Sirena #4 (60 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

WPL Sirena 4 2

WPL Sirena 4 28

WPL Sirena 4 65

WPL Sirena 4 79

WPL Sirena 4 105

WPL Sirena 4 124

WPL Sirena 4 158

WPL Sirena 4 180

WPL Sirena 4 197

WPL Sirena 4 210

WPL Sirena 4 232

WPL Sirena 4 256

WPL Sirena 4 278

WPL Sirena 4 259

WPL Sirena 4 310

WPL Sirena 4 328

WPL Sirena 4 345

WPL Sirena 4 357

New from AP Studio!  Sexy spinner Heather G is back!

Petite hottie Heather G is back for her second video for AP Studio.  She is super cute and has a tasty little body.  Heather is an outrageous tease and she turns up the heat a notch in this video.  I love the peekaboo top in the final scene.  There are plenty of close ups and great angles, as always. Heather looks unbearably sexy on the bed.  Enjoy the show.

Download Heather G’s second 60-minute video for $20.00

Members enter here

AP Heather G 2 3

AP Heather G 2 20

AP Heather G 2 56

AP Heather G 2 70

AP Heather G 2 110

AP Heather G 2 95

AP Heather G 2 128

AP Heather G 2 151

AP Heather G 2 162

AP Heather G 2 183

AP Heather G 2 203

AP Heather G 2 192

AP Heather G 2 214

AP Heather G 2 263

AP Heather G 2 274

AP Heather G 2 291

AP Heather G 2 315

AP Heather G 2 352

My new video!  Kylie is back and fully nude!

Super hot Kylie is back with another killer video for us.  Kylie reminds me a lot of Angela, very down-to-earth and full of fun and smiles.  Kylie loves to model and tease us.  She is a beautiful blonde with a lush, curvy body.  Kylie has big full boobs and an amazing tushy.  She gets fully nude for us and it is pretty amazing.  I can never get enough of her.

Download Kylie #5 (60 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

Kylie 5 5

Kylie 5 26

Kylie 5 43

Kylie 5 59

Kylie 5 71

Kylie 5 84

Kylie 5 116

Kylie 5 125

Kylie 5 160

Kylie 5 174

Kylie 5 205

Kylie 5 216

Kylie 5 227

Kylie 5 239

Kylie 5 256

Kylie 5 279

Kylie 5 318

Kylie 5 326

Kylie 5 343

Kylie 5 355

New from Sandlmodels!  Sexy blonde Kendall is back!

Kendall is back and smoking hot.  She returns for another sexy video for Sandlmodels and really puts on a show for us.  I really loved her shower scene, just watching her rub her amazing body was super hot.  Kendall is a natural tease and she shows enough to satisfy, but leaves us wanting more.  Check her out.

Download Kendall #3 (30 minutes) for $10.00

Members enter here

SM Kendall 3 5

SM Kendall 3 38

SM Kendall 3 45

SM Kendall 3 54

SM Kendall 3 66

SM Kendall 3 72

SM Kendall 3 90

SM Kendall 3 93

SM Kendall 3 117

SM Kendall 3 127

SM Kendall 3 151

SM Kendall 3 181

New from SW Amateur Video!  Check out two hot models!

We have two delicious SWAV babes for the price of one.  Amy and Yessica are both smoking hot, long dark hair and beautiful boobs.  These are essentially auditions and if they do well, the producer will have them back for full shoots.  I sure would like to see more of each model.  Enjoy this tasty snack.

Download Amy’s and Yessica’s video (37 minutes) for $10.00

Members enter here

SWAV Amy 2

SWAV Amy 15

SWAV Amy 39

SWAV Amy 44

SWAV Amy 55

SWAV Amy 66

SWAV Amy 75

SWAV Amy 83

SWAV Amy 92

SWAV Amy 131

SWAV Amy 142

SWAV Amy 143

SWAV Amy 159

SWAV Yessica 1

SWAV Yessica 28

SWAV Yessica 35

SWAV Yessica 51

SWAV Yessica 59

New model for Midlantic Hotties!  Check out busty Khrist!

Midlantic Hotties wants to welcome its curviest/bustiest model yet: Khrist! She was passing through town setting up shoots with various photographers and got in touch with us... and after seeing her lovely figure, we couldn't pass up the chance to work with her! She also has a gorgeous smile and sultry eyes that will make you forget your own name ;-) Oh, and we once again have a clothing destruction scene, but we experimented a bit, and decided to shoot it at a higher frame rate so we could slow down certain parts of the scene for added effect ;-) Khrist was an absolute delight to work with, and we hope you enjoy her videos as much as we enjoyed making them!

Download Khrist’s 60-minute video for $20.00

Members enter here





















New from AP Studio!  Sexy babe Neeta is back and smoking hot!

This is an incredible video, maybe the best one from AP Studio.  Neeta is smoking hot in her second video.  She has beautiful eyes and firm round boobs.  She is cheerful and talkative and radiant.  I love watching Neeta pose and flirt with the camera guy.  She is amazing and is quickly becoming a top-notch model.  You will love this one.

Download Neeta’s second 60-minute video for $20.00

Members enter here

AP Neeta 2 11

AP Neeta 2 19

AP Neeta 2 17

AP Neeta 2 76

AP Neeta 2 88

AP Neeta 2 114

AP Neeta 2 152

AP Neeta 2 161

AP Neeta 2 187

AP Neeta 2 197

AP Neeta 2 225

AP Neeta 2 235

AP Neeta 2 240

AP Neeta 2 257

AP Neeta 2 269

AP Neeta 2 303

AP Neeta 2 336

AP Neeta 2 357

My new video!  Paige is back with a killer video!

Paige is such a delight to work with.  She brightens everything up with her smile and personality.  Paige is a lovely young lady with a toned and very curvy body.  She has a perfect booty and big full boobs.  Paige does a great video for us with plenty of teasing and great poses.  Enjoy the show.

Download Paige #29 (60 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

Paige 29 2

Paige 29 26

Paige 29 51

Paige 29 55

Paige 29 84

Paige 29 102

Paige 29 107

Paige 29 132

Paige 29 147

Paige 29 174

Paige 29 167

Paige 29 195

Paige 29 239

Paige 29 262

Paige 29 280

Paige 29 289

Paige 29 299

Paige 29 326

Paige 29 337

Paige 29 369

Archive Special!  Watch Natasha C’s first video for $5.00!

Welcome to Natasha's first modeling video. I am sure you will enjoy it.  Natasha is 21 years old, 5'4" and 110 pounds. She has reddish-brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She also has a great figure. Simply put, Natasha is very hot from head to toe.  This is Natasha's first time modeling lingerie and modeling with her top off. She was a little nervous at first, but quickly warmed up and got better with each scene.  I really enjoyed working with her. She is intelligent and has a great attitude and personality. If you enjoy my videos with Angela and Elsa, then you will also enjoy Natasha's videos.

Download Natasha C #1 for $5.00

Members enter here


Natasha C 2

Natasha C 27

Natasha C 59

Natasha C 68

Natasha C 96

Natasha C 122

Natasha C 131

Natasha C 146

Natasha C 159

Natasha C 194

Natasha C 200

Natasha C 241

Natasha C 251 (2)

Natasha C 278 (2)

Natasha C 294 (2)

Natasha C 312 (2)

Natasha C 353


New model for Midlantic Hotties!  Check out sexy Evangeline!

Midlantic Hotties introduces new model Evangeline! With her scarlet red hair and toned figure topped with perky breasts, we're sure you'll enjoy her work! As with Summer, there is also a "clothing destruction" scene where she literally rips out of both her skimpy white tanktop and lacy boyshorts! Plus, we have our first "gym-themed" scene, where she starts in full workout attire, and slowly strips out of it over time. Enjoy!

Download Evangeline’s 60-minute video for $20.00

Members enter here

























New from SW Amateur Video!  Sandy is back and fully nude!

Sexy babe Sandy is back with a killer video for SW Amateur Video.  Sandy has a beautiful set of boobs and we get to see them in all their glory.  Sandy even gets nude for us and rubs baby oil on herself until she is shiny all over.  For the final scene, she takes a very sexy shower.  You can tell there is plenty of chemistry between her and the camera guy and that always makes the video a lot spicier.  This is a hot one.

Download Sandy M #2 (50 minutes) for $15.00

Members enter here

SW Sandy M 2 1

SW Sandy M 2 29

SW Sandy M 2 57

SW Sandy M 2 76

SW Sandy M 2 88

SW Sandy M 2 100

SW Sandy M 2 120

SW Sandy M 2 150

SW Sandy M 2 179

SW Sandy M 2 197

SW Sandy M 2 204

SW Sandy M 2 208

SW Sandy M 2 219

SW Sandy M 2 248

SW Sandy M 2 263

SW Sandy M 2 269

SW Sandy M 2 288

SW Sandy M 2 305

New from AP Studio!  Check out busty bombshell Arianna!

Arianna is the absolute bomb.  She has it all:  looks, personality, talent, etc.  Arianna looks like she is having the time of her life and must be a real blast to work with.  There are 3 nice long scenes, full of Arianna teasing and undressing while trying to stay covered.  She is awesome.  Her new video is even better than her first one.  Check her out.

Download Arianna #2 (75 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

AP Arianna 2 8

AP Arianna 2 34

AP Arianna 2 91

AP Arianna 2 116

AP Arianna 2 138

AP Arianna 2 153

AP Arianna 2 179

AP Arianna 2 217

AP Arianna 2 283

AP Arianna 2 397

AP Arianna 2 313

AP Arianna 2 356

AP Arianna 2 390

AP Arianna 2 458

My new video!  Sexy babe Maria is back and bootylicious!

Maria is back for a very hot video.  She is in a great mood and very playful today.  Maria has been working out and her booty is pretty amazing.  She pulls her bottoms down so we can get a good look.  Everything went very well and the video turned out to be pretty killer.

Download Maria #15 (35 minutes) for $10.00

Members enter here

Maria 15 2

Maria 15 27

Maria 15 59

Maria 15 64

Maria 15 71

Maria 15 80

Maria 15 85

Maria 15 124

Maria 15 130

Maria 15 164

Maria 15 185

Maria 15 210

New model at Sandlmodels!  Check out sexy Marie!

We have a fresh new model at Sandlmodels.  Marie is a raven-haired beauty with a great tushy.  She is new to modeling, but really knows how to move her body and tease us.  Marie does some great posing, especially on the bed.  She is a great new model and her first video is pretty hot.  Check her out.

Download Marie’s first 60-minute video for $20.00

Members enter here

SM Marie 3

SM Marie 59

SM Marie 71

SM Marie 84

SM Marie 118

SM Marie 124

SM Marie 138

SM Marie 166

SM Marie 189

SM Marie 195

SM Marie 234

SM Marie 255

SM Marie 267

SM Marie 305

SM Marie 319

SM Marie 316

SM Marie 339

SM Marie 372

New from WPL Productions!  Dawn is back with a killer video!

It is great to see Dawn back for another video for WPL Productions.  She is pretty amazing and the more I see, the more I want to see.  Dawn is a very sexy lady with a great figure and an even greater personality.  She really lights up the screen and holds our attention with her flirting and teasing.  She has a great booty and does some excellent booty poses.  Dawn is very hot and I can never get enough.  As I am doing the previews for Dawn’s video, I realize that they just don’t do her justice.  To really appreciate her personality and style, you need to watch the video.  Go ahead and take a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

Download Dawn #2 (60 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

WPL Dawn 2 2

WPL Dawn 2 25

WPL Dawn 2 34

WPL Dawn 2 41

WPL Dawn 2 76

WPL Dawn 2 95

WPL Dawn 2 108

WPL Dawn 2 112

WPL Dawn 2 156

WPL Dawn 2 168

WPL Dawn 2 182

WPL Dawn 2 220

WPL Dawn 2 239

WPL Dawn 2 250

WPL Dawn 2 259

WPL Dawn 2 290

WPL Dawn 2 299

WPL Dawn 2 315

WPL Dawn 2 335

WPL Dawn 2 352



New from SW Amateur Video!  Check out sexy Juliet!

Super cute Juliet is back for another sexy video for SW Amateur Video.  Juliet is sweet and petite and cute as a button.  She has a tight little body and a beautiful smile.  Juliet gives us a great tease show and the final scene is amazing.  She puts on a couple of tiny pasties and rubs baby oil on herself.  Juliet gets all nice and shiny for us, a very hot finish to a great video.

Download Juliet #2 (50 minutes) for $15.00

Members enter here

SW Juliet 2 2

SW Juliet 2 24

SW Juliet 2 29

SW Juliet 2 60

SW Juliet 2 67

SW Juliet 2 74

SW Juliet 2 116

SW Juliet 2 132

SW Juliet 2 146

SW Juliet 2 152

SW Juliet 2 168

SW Juliet 2 184

SW Juliet 2 202

SW Juliet 2 208

SW Juliet 2 231

SW Juliet 2 247

SW Juliet 2 259

SW Juliet 2 293

Archive Special!  Watch Tasha’s first video for $4.99!

Welcome to Tasha’s first video.  She has turned 18 the week before the shoot and we were both pretty excited to have her do her first modeling on video.  Tasha is a beautiful blonde, very smart and poised and sure of herself.  She is absolutely gorgeous, one of the sexiest women I have ever worked with.  We ended up making a bunch of videos and even a website for her.  Watch her first time on video.

Download Tasha’s first 60-minute video for $4.99

Members enter here

Tasha 5

Tasha 22

Tasha 13

Tasha 46

Tasha 51

Tasha 64

Tasha 69

Tasha 98

Tasha 111

Tasha 125

Tasha 136

Tasha 145

Tasha 147

Tasha 164

Tasha 177

Tasha 196

Tasha 188

Tasha 209

Tasha 214

Tasha 225



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