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Welcome to my Northwest Beauties website.  This is a great place to view and download videos with lovely models in lingerie and swimwear.  DVD’s are available for purchase on request. 

There is no sexually explicit content in this website, but there are images of scantily clad and occasionally nude adult females.  If viewing this content offends you or is not allowed in your area, please leave this website.  This content is intended to be viewed and purchased by persons of 18 years of age or older.  If you are not at least 18 years old, please leave this website.  All models are 18 and over. 

If you have comments, suggestions, or questions, please email me.  If you have credit card issues, email me for alternate forms of payment.

New from Sandlmodels!  Sexy babe Hannah is back!

Sweet and sexy Hannah is back for another hot video for Sandlmodels.  Hannah is super cute and has a hot little body.  Her tushy is one of the best and I love her cute boobs.  Hannah puts on a great show for us in a variety of settings.  Her shower scene at the end is very hot.  She is adorable.

Download Hannah #2 (50 minutes) for $15.00

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SM Hannah 2 8

SM Hannah 2 41

SM Hannah 2 45

SM Hannah 2 59

SM Hannah 2 63

SM Hannah 2 96

SM Hannah 2 107

SM Hannah 2 120

SM Hannah 2 132

SM Hannah 2 150

SM Hannah 2 162

SM Hannah 2 176

SM Hannah 2 193

SM Hannah 2 221

SM Hannah 2 232

SM Hannah 2 230

SM Hannah 2 250

SM Hannah 2 270

SM Hannah 2 300

SM Hannah 2 312

My new video!  Check out Mary A’s 3-pack Special!

Welcome to Mary A’s 3-pack Special.  This package includes Mary A’s first 3 60-minute videos, 3 full hours of luscious Mary A!

Mary is very cute and has an amazing curvy figure. She has perfect D-cup breasts and a terrific butt.  Mary is great at teasing and gives us plenty of sexy poses and slips. I am very happy with this video and I am sure you will enjoy it a lot.  It was great to work with Mary.  She got comfortable quickly and progressed to hotter and more revealing poses.

Download Mary A’s 3-pack Special (180 minutes) for $25.00

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Mary A 3

Mary A 41

Mary A 59

Mary A 78

Mary A 94

Mary A 104

Mary A 124

Mary A 130

Mary A 138

Mary A 181

Mary A 184

Mary A 192

Mary A 195

Mary A 235

Mary A 241

Mary A 252

Mary A 258

Mary A 270

Mary A 275

Mary A 302

Mary A 298

Mary A 307

Mary A 313

Mary A 322

Mary A 356

Mary A 365

Mary A 367

Mary A 2 9

Mary A 2 21

Mary A 2 44

Mary A 2 55

Mary A 2 80

Mary A 2 94

Mary A 2 139

Mary A 2 145

Mary A 2 164

Mary A 2 175

Mary A 2 191

Mary A 2 210

Mary A 2 224

Mary A 2 232

Mary A 2 251

Mary A 2 257

Mary A 2 287

Mary A 2 305

Mary A 2 329

Mary A 2 348

Mary A 2 370

Mary A 3 3

Mary A 3 13

Mary A 3 38

Mary A 3 62

Mary A 3 78

Mary A 3 87

Mary A 3 111

Mary A 3 138

Mary A 3 151

Mary A 3 161

Mary A 3 177

Mary A 3 198

Mary A 3 257

Mary A 3 236

Mary A 3 285

Mary A 3 292

Mary A 3 296

Mary A 3 299

Mary A 3 304

Mary A 3 330

Mary A 3 371

New from WPL Productions!  Sexy babe Zoe is back!

Cute and sexy Zoe is back for another hot video for WPL Productions.  Zoe is a very sexy young lady with a really hot body.  Her boobs are so nice and firm and perky.  We get plenty of chances to check Zoe out while she poses and chats with the camera guy.  They are very comfortable working together and everything goes smoothly.  Zoe is very nice eye candy.  Check her out.

Download Zoe #4 (60 minutes) for $20.00

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WPL Zoe 4 3

WPL Zoe 4 42

WPL Zoe 4 49

WPL Zoe 4 61

WPL Zoe 4 76

WPL Zoe 4 80

WPL Zoe 4 116

WPL Zoe 4 135

WPL Zoe 4 156

WPL Zoe 4 172

WPL Zoe 4 196

WPL Zoe 4 207

WPL Zoe 4 231

WPL Zoe 4 237

WPL Zoe 4 268

WPL Zoe 4 283

WPL Zoe 4 319

WPL Zoe 4 352

WPL Zoe 4 328

WPL Zoe 4 371

Weekend Special!  Check out Paige’s first video for $2.99!

Paige is an adorable young lady with beautiful eyes and a great smile.  She has a nice curvy body with killer boobs and a nice round tushy.  Paige has a very bubbly personality and is great to hang out with.  I don’t think she had ever done any video before, so she was a bit shy in the beginning, but warmed up throughout the shoot.  She has become one of my favorite models.

Download Paige’s first 60-minute video for $2.99

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Paige 26

Paige 52

Paige 82

Paige 98

Paige 104

Paige 135

Paige 147

Paige 170

Paige 205

Paige 220

Paige 237

Paige 269

Paige 272

Paige 294

Paige 320

Paige 355

My new video!  Sexy redhead Aurora is back with a great video!

Welcome to Aurora’s second video.  This one is even better than her first one.  Aurora has gotten very comfortable and loose and her posing style has changed a bit due to that.  I love Aurora’s long red hair and her slim but curvy figure.  She has an amazing set of boobs and she is more than happy to show them off.  This is a nice video of a model having fun and getting sexy.  Enjoy the show.

Download Aurora #2 (60 minutes) for $20.00

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Aurora 2 9

Aurora 2 36

Aurora 2 40

Aurora 2 51

Aurora 2 83

Aurora 2 90

Aurora 2 116

Aurora 2 160

Aurora 2 175

Aurora 2 187

Aurora 2 199

Auroira 2 214

Auroira 2 265

Auroira 2 286

Auroira 2 320

Auroira 2 341

Auroira 2 360

Auroira 2 368

Auroira 2 381

Auroira 2 392

New model from Sandlmodels!  Check out Juliet’s first video!

Welcome to Juliet’s first video.  She is a hippy chick, originally from California, but now she travels all over the country.  Juliet is very pretty and very sexy.  She starts out a little shy, but warms up quickly and is doing some great panty teasing by the end of the shoot.  If you like to watch a new model becoming more and more comfortable, Juliet is for you.  Check her out.

Download Juliet’s first 60-minute video for $20.00

Members enter here

SM Juliet 5

SM Juliet 53

SM Juliet 59

SM Juliet 74

SM Juliet 95

SM Juliet 119

SM Juliet 128

SM Juliet 162

SM Juliet 177

SM Juliet 195

SM Juliet 228

SM Juliet 236

SM Juliet 252

SM Juliet 267

SM Juliet 285

SM Juliet 293

SM Juliet 315

SM Juliet 336

SM Juliet 354

SM Juliet 362

New from Exotic Allure!  Check out this special deal with Hannah Perez!

Welcome to Hannah’s 2-pack Special.  This package includes her first 2 60-minute videos, 2 full hours of lovely Hannah Perez!

Hannah Perez is a beautiful glamour and fetish model.  She is one of my favorite models on the internet.  Hannah did a couple of glamour shoots for Exotic Allure and it is great to hear her chatting with the camera guy and just being natural.  Check her out.

Download Hannah’s 2-pack Special (120 minutes) for $20.00

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EA Hannah 2

EA Hannah 16

EA Hannah 52

EA Hannah 72

EA Hannah 82

EA Hannah 92

EA Hannah 145

EA Hannah 160

EA Hannah 185

EA Hannah 207

EA Hannah 217

EA Hannah 226

EA Hannah 289

EA Hannah 299

EA Hannah 310

EA Hannah 353


EA Hannah 2 1

EA Hannah 2 29

EA Hannah 2 65

EA Hannah 2 77

EA Hannah 2 108

EA Hannah 2 156

EA Hannah 2 184

EA Hannah 2 199

EA Hannah 2 331

EA Hannah 2 354

EA Hannah 2 366

EA Hannah 2 406

Weekend Special!  Check out Kalinda’s first video!

Meet your new favorite model.  Kalinda is an absolute knockout, with the prettiest eyes and smile around. She has a great body as well and we get some very nice slips while Kalinda is modeling for us.  She is full of energy and personality and really enjoys the video shoot.  This is another great find for AP Studio and I hope there will be many more sexy videos with Kalinda.

Download Kalinda’s first 60-minute video for $2.99

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AP Kalinda 6

AP Kalinda 11

AP Kalinda 41

AP Kalinda 94

AP Kalinda 100

AP Kalinda 117

AP Kalinda 128

AP Kalinda 195

AP Kalinda 203

AP Kalinda 214

AP Kalinda 266

AP Kalinda 285

AP Kalinda 309

AP Kalinda 314

AP Kalinda 333

AP Kalinda 353

New from Sandlmodels!  Lovely Cathy is back!

Lovely model Cathy returns for a very sexy video for Sandlmodels.  There is something special about Cathy.  She looks soft and smooth and very feminine.  Cathy is a gorgeous young lady with a very nice figure.  I love the way she moves and takes directions.  We get plenty of great closeups and camera angles.  The final scene in the shower is very nice.  Enjoy the show.

Download Cathy #2 (60 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

SM Cathy 2 3

SM Cathy 2 36

SM Cathy 2 48

SM Cathy 2 55

SM Cathy 2 72

SM Cathy 2 76

SM Cathy 2 106

SM Cathy 2 121

SM Cathy 2 127

SM Cathy 2 131

SM Cathy 2 172

SM Cathy 2 184

SM Cathy 2 196

SM Cathy 2 202

SM Cathy 2 216

SM Cathy 2 235

SM Cathy 2 247

SM Cathy 2 253

SM Cathy 2 269

SM Cathy 2 288

SM Cathy 2 314

SM Cathy 2 322

SM Cathy 2 335

SM Cathy 2 354

New from WPL Productions!  Check out one of the best 3-pack Specials of all time!

Welcome to Dawn’s second 3-pack Special.  This package includes Dawn’s 4th, 5th, and 6th 60-minute videos, 3 full hours of busty Dawn!

This video will blow your mind.  Busty beauty Dawn is back with her best video for WPL Productions.  Dawn is sexy and curvy and has a beautiful set of boobs.  She has been teasing the heck out of us for 3 videos now and teases even better in this video, and now we get the big payoff.  Dawn goes full frontal topless for us and shows off those awesome hooters.  There are plenty of great closeups from all angles.  This video is so worth the wait.  Scene 4 is a very hot French Maid scenario as we watch her dust the studio and make us drool.

Woo-hoo, busty Dawn is back for another hot video from WPL Productions.  Dawn and her gorgeous fun-bags are looking great today.  She wears a nice variety of outfits and does a great tease and then shows off her boobs from about every angle.  A very nice showcase for a very hot model.  I love the scene with the blue and white apron.  Dawn is built perfectly for that one.  She is great to watch.  She has a great attitude and is really enjoying herself.

This video is dynamite.  Lovely and busty Dawn is back for her best video for WPL Productions.  She is amazing in this video, which is a great showcase for her awesome boobs.  Dawn starts out with a t-shirt destruction scene and I think it is her best scene ever.  She has a great attitude and really puts on a show for us.  Dawn is perfect for these videos and this video is a true keeper.

Download Dawn 3-pack #2 (180 minutes) for $25.00

Members enter here


WPL Dawn 4 6

WPL Dawn 4 15

WPL Dawn 4 37

WPL Dawn 4 56

WPL Dawn 4 82

WPL Dawn 4 94

WPL Dawn 4 103

WPL Dawn 4 128

WPL Dawn 4 155

WPL Dawn 4 162

WPL Dawn 4 196

WPL Dawn 4 200

WPL Dawn 4 227

WPL Dawn 4 267

WPL Dawn 4 270

WPL Dawn 4 274

WPL Dawn 4 308

WPL Dawn 4 315

WPL Dawn 4 336

WPL Dawn 4 369


WPL Dawn 5 2

WPL Dawn 5 20

WPL Dawn 5 36

WPL Dawn 5 70

WPL Dawn 5 79

WPL Dawn 5 113

WPL Dawn 5 126

WPL Dawn 5 139

WPL Dawn 5 156

WPL Dawn 5 165

WPL Dawn 5 194

WPL Dawn 5 213

WPL Dawn 5 236

WPL Dawn 5 266

WPL Dawn 5 276

WPL Dawn 5 284

WPL Dawn 5 300

WPL Dawn 5 342

WPL Dawn 5 347

WPL Dawn 5 350


WPL Dawn 6 7

WPL Dawn 6 3

WPL Dawn 6 28

WPL Dawn 6 40

WPL Dawn 6 60

WPL Dawn 6 76

WPL Dawn 6 89

WPL Dawn 6 117

WPL Dawn 6 127

WPL Dawn 6 136

WPL Dawn 6 157

WPL Dawn 6 172

WPL Dawn 6 196

WPL Dawn 6 215

WPL Dawn 6 236

WPL Dawn 6 248

WPL Dawn 6 252

WPL Dawn 6 291

WPL Dawn 6 307

WPL Dawn 6 308

WPL Dawn 6 349

WPL Dawn 6 363

My new video!  Amy F is back with a very sexy video!

Super hot Amy Fantasy is back for another fun and sexy video.  She really looks good in this video.  She is toned, but still very curvy.  Amy has a spectacular booty and a narrow waist, we don’t see that very often.  I love Amy’s style and creativity.  She is a life-long cosplayer and it is fun listening to Amy talk about her interests.  It is always a lot of fun to have Amy over for a shoot.  I hope you guys enjoy her.

Download Amy F #8 (35 minutes) for $10.00

Members enter here

Amy F 8 3

Amy F 8 32

Amy F 8 54

Amy F 8 83

Amy F 8 103

Amy F 8 116

Amy F 8 131

Amy F 8 156

Amy F 8 171

Amy F 8 199

Amy F 8 212

Amy F 8 246

Weekend Special!  Check out sexy Alisha’s first video!

Welcome to my new model Alisha.  She is a lovely young lady with beautiful eyes and smile and a very sexy body with big full boobs.  Alisha loves to model and is very comfortable with the camera.  She has lots of her own great poses and tried out several of my favorites, including some great booty poses.  Alisha has a ton of potential and I hope to do a lot of videos with her.

Download Alisha’s first 60-minute video for $2.99

Members enter here

Alisha 7

Alisha 22

Alisha 34

Alisha 93

Alisha 101

Alisha 150

Alisha 166

Alisha 204

Alisha 225

Alisha 266

Alisha 278

Alisha 290

Alisha 313

Alisha 322

Alisha 349

Alisha 381

My new video!  A blast from the past!  Check out Lacy’s first custom video!

Here is a very nice nugget from the NWB Archives.  This is Lacy’s first custom video, made for a very lucky customer back in the day.  Lacy is a ravishing redhead with an excellent body.  She is nice and tanned from her summer job at the winery.  Lacy models 5 different outfits in 5 long scenes.  This was Lacy’s most revealing modeling at that time and we get plenty of great looks at her body and her big boobs.  You will love this one.  Lacy is kind of shy, but pretty revealing at the same time.

Download Lacy CV1 (80 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here


Lacy CV1 2

Lacy CV1 44

Lacy CV1 66

Lacy CV1 84

Lacy CV1 91

Lacy CV1 104

Lacy CV1 123

Lacy CV1 151

Lacy CV1 185

Lacy CV1 195

Lacy CV1 208

Lacy CV1 233

Lacy CV1 275

Lacy CV1 312

Lacy CV1 363

Lacy CV1 322

Lacy CV1 383

Lacy CV1 397

New from Sandlmodels!  Busty blonde Destiny is back!

Blonde hotty Destiny is back for a killer video for Sandlmodels.  Destiny is very comfortable and knows exactly what we want to see.  She is a lovely blonde with a great body, curvy and lush with nice big boobs.  I love Destiny’s booty poses and her smiles.  The tight red dress is excellent, as is the bedroom scene in the white lingerie.  Destiny’s shower scene at the end is great.  Overall, a very hot show with a very hot model.

Download Destiny #2 (60 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

SM Destiny 2 3

SM Destiny 2 23

SM Destiny 2 44

SM Destiny 2 49

SM Destiny 2 67

SM Destiny 2 84

SM Destiny 2 94

SM Destiny 2 114

SM Destiny 2 128

SM Destiny 2 131

SM Destiny 2 160

SM Destiny 2 169

SM Destiny 2 189

SM Destiny 2 203

SM Destiny 2 215

SM Destiny 2 250

SM Destiny 2 257

SM Destiny 2 269

SM Destiny 2 275

SM Destiny 2 296

SM Destiny 2 322

SM Destiny 2 328

SM Destiny 2 351

SM Destiny 2 372

New from WPL Productions!  Sexy Zoe is back!

Sexy model Zoe has returned for a new shoot for WPL Productions.  It is great to see her back.  Zoe is a lovely young lady with a very nice toned figure and very cute and firm boobs.  Zoe shows all of that off to us as she poses in different areas of the studio.  I love the second scene where you never know when you might get a peek and her cute boobs.  This is a great show.

Download Zoe #3 (60 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

WPL Zoe 3 8

WPL Zoe 3 36

WPL Zoe 3 44

WPL Zoe 3 72

WPL Zoe 3 82

WPL Zoe 3 110

WPL Zoe 3 122

WPL Zoe 3 130

WPL Zoe 3 211

WPL Zoe 3 214

WPL Zoe 3 280

WPL Zoe 3 291

WPL Zoe 3 314

WPL Zoe 3 341 (2)

WPL Zoe 3 345

WPL Zoe 3 369 (2)

WPL Zoe 3 387

WPL Zoe 3 402

Weekend Special!  Check out Janae’s first video!

Janae was a real find.  She is an adorable young lady and this is her first time on video.  She is very cute and has really nice boobs.  Janae has beautiful eyes and a very nice smile.  She is a very nice young lady and I was expecting a much more conservative shoot, but Janae surprised me and went full topless during her first shoot.  You will love Janae’s videos.

Download Janae’s first 60-minute video for $2.99

Members enter here

Janae 4

Janae 25

Janae 50

Janae 64

Janae 70

Janae 104

Janae 123

Janae 128

Janae 164

Janae 188

Janae 200

Janae 225

Janae 240

Janae 250

Janae 266

Janae 293

Janae 314

Janae 372

My new video!  Sexy Kira is back with a hot video!

Lovely Kira H is back for her second hot video.  I really enjoyed working with Kira.  I love her blue eyes and her body.  She looks soft and smooth and feminine.  Kira moves very nicely on video and I love watching her go from pose to pose.  I think she is very sexy and has a lot of potential.  Check her out.

Download Kira H #2 (60 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

Kira H 2 5

Kira H 2 20

Kira H 2 40

Kira H 2 56

Kira H 2 64

Kira H 2 76

Kira H 2 99

Kira H 2 135

Kira H 2 147

Kira H 2 155

Kira H 2 174

Kira H 2 200

Kira H 2 224

Kira H 2 237

Kira H 2 248

Kira H 2 286

Kira H 2 295

Kira H 2 316

Kira H 2 334

Kira H 2 361

Weekend Special!  Check out lovely Neeta’s first video for AP Studio!

Neeta is pretty amazing.  She is beautiful and exotic and loves to smile.  Neeta looks like she is fairly new to modeling, but she gets pretty comfortable and has a good time.  Neeta has a great body and wears some hot lingerie that looks very sexy on her.  A very good first-time video.

Download Neeta’s first 60-minute video for $2.99

Members enter here

AP Neeta 8

AP Neeta 26

AP Neeta 49

AP Neeta 83

AP Neeta 106

AP Neeta 114

AP Neeta 128

AP Neeta 144

AP Neeta 173

AP Neeta 199

AP Neeta 210

AP Neeta 235

AP Neeta 255

AP Neeta 277

AP Neeta 294

AP Neeta 310

AP Neeta 361

AP Neeta 367

Weekend special!  Check out sexy first-time model Salma!

Every wanted the cute checkout lady at the supermarket to model for you?  How about your sexy classmate or co-worker.  Well, sometimes it happens.  It took AP Studio months, but he convinced his favorite barrista to meet him at hotel and pose in lingerie.  The results are amazing.

Salma is a very sexy little package.  She is beautiful and has a great figure.  I really love her smile.  Salma is 19 years old and AP Studio found her in the local coffee shop.  She wears 4 sexy outfits in her first video for AP Studio and does a great job of showing off her petite body.  There are some very nice shots and it is always fun to watch a new model getting used to the video camera.

Download Salma’s first 60-minute video for $2.99

Members enter here

AP Salma 3

AP Salma 13

AP Salma 34

AP Salma 77

AP Salma 97

AP Salma 111

AP Salma 118

AP Salma 150

AP Salma 199

AP Salma 206

AP Salma 227

AP Salma 256

AP Salma 282

AP Salma 297

AP Salma 340

AP Salma 370

Welcome to the Clip Club area. I am offering the clip clubs as a way for you to watch many full-length scenes from my videos and my other producers videos, featuring a large cross-section of our available models. They will give you a great idea of the flavor of our videos and our models.

Each of the clubs has a 30-day one-time subscription or a 30-day recurring subscription. I update the clubs each week.

Northwest Beauties Clip Club

SW Amateur Video Clip Club

WPL Productions Clip Club

AP Studio Clip Club

Sandlmodels Clip Club

Exotic Allure Clip Club





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