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Welcome to my Northwest Beauties website.  This is a great place to view and download videos with lovely models in lingerie and swimwear.  DVD’s are available for purchase on request.

There is no sexually explicit content in this website, but there are images of scantily clad and occasionally nude adult females.  If viewing this content offends you or is not allowed in your area, please leave this website.

This content is intended to be viewed and purchased by persons of 18 years of age or older.  If you are not at least 18 years old, please leave this website.

All models are 18 and over.  If you have comments, suggestions, or questions, please email me.

My new video!  Chloe R is back!

Sexy model Chloe is back for another video.  Chloe has done a lot of modeling and we talk about her experiences while she poses for us.  Chloe has one of the loveliest faces I have seen, I can look at her all day.  As you know from her first video, Chloe prefers going commando and does in most scenes.  Enjoy the show.

Download Chloe R #2 (60 minutes) for $20.00

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Chloe R 2 5

Chloe R 2 18

Chloe R 2 59

Chloe R 2 110

Chloe R 2 136

Chloe R 2 151

Chloe R 2 221

Chloe R 2 247

Chloe R 2 262

Chloe R 2 283

Chloe R 2 305

Chloe R 2 331

New from Sandlmodels!  Kelly D is back with a killer video!

Kelly D is back with a very hot video for Sandlmodels.  This one is self-shot by Kelly D and is quite a bit hotter than the last one.  Kelly does some of her best teasing ever.  She does some great booty poses and spends a lot of time caressing her perfect boobs for us.  Kelly finishes off with a great shower scene.  The focus is a tad off for that scene, but Kelly looks great anyway.  Enjoy the show.

Download Kelly D #26 (60 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

SM Kelly D 26 3

SM Kelly D 26 12

SM Kelly D 26 52

SM Kelly D 26 74

SM Kelly D 26 104

SM Kelly D 26 115

SM Kelly D 26 151

SM Kelly D 26 178

SM Kelly D 26 195

SM Kelly D 26 198

SM Kelly D 26 245

SM Kelly D 26 268

SM Kelly D 26 305

SM Kelly D 26 321

SM Kelly D 26 338

SM Kelly D 26 378

My new video!  Lovely Kristy is back and fully nude!

Sexy Kristy is back for another smoking hot video.  Kristy is beautiful with a tight, petite body and beautiful blue eyes.  She has a perfect round tushy and firm boobies and she looks awesome from every angle.  Kristy is a great tease and gets fully nude in each scene.  I love working with her and every shoot is as exciting as the first one.

Download Kristy #20 (60 minutes) for $20.00

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Kristy 20 4

Kristy 20 13

Kristy 20 39

Kristy 20 71

Kristy 20 76

Kristy 20 102

Kristy 20 110

Kristy 20 138

Kristy 20 150

Kristy 20 175

Kristy 20 196

Kristy 20 232

Kristy 20 244

Kristy 20 268

Kristy 20 300

Kristy 20 326

Kristy 20 343

Kristy 20 348

New girlfriend at GPV Video!  Check out sexy babe Rose!

Hawaiian Cheerleader Rose puts groceries away as we get upskirt shots of her blue spankies.

Scene 2: We paid Rose extra to wear sheer thong panties and a sheer top while she baked some muffins. She was totally embarrassed but she needed the money.

Scene 3: Rose puts dishes away while wearing a Playboy bustier and pink panties. The cups of the top are too big, so you get to see her breasts downblouse-style.

Scene 4: Braless in a pink cashmere sweater and a mini schoolgirl skirt, Rose cleans up the kitchen while we check out her pretty white ruched panties.

Download Rose’s 30-minute video for $10.00

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My new producer, ZVid Productions!  Check out sexy new model Jayden!

Welcome to Jayden’s first video for ZVid Productions.  Jayden is a sexy young lady with a great body.  I love her boobs, they are nice and firm.  Jayden does a great job of teasing and flirting, getting fully nude in each scene.  She does an excellent video for a first-time video model.  Enjoy the show.

Download Jayden’s first 60-minute video for $20.00

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ZVid Jayden 2

ZVid Jayden 24

ZVid Jayden 59

ZVid Jayden 88

ZVid Jayden 129

ZVid Jayden 168

ZVid Jayden 170

ZVid Jayden 196

ZVid Jayden 252

ZVid Jayden 269

ZVid Jayden 316

ZVid Jayden 343

New model for Sandlmodels!  Check out sexy babe Maya!

Welcome to lovely Maya, the newest model at Sandlmodels.  Maya is beautiful and busty and a great model.  She has done glamour and modeling before, including for Maxim, and is very comfortable with the camera.  Maya has a beautiful smile and great attitude and it is a blast to watch her doing a lingerie tease video for us.  I love her petite figure and big full boobs, Maya is a very nice little package.

Download Maya’s first 60-minute video for $20.00

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SM Maya 5

SM Maya 34

SM Maya 58

SM Maya 98

SM Maya 117

SM Maya 121

SM Maya 140

SM Maya 164

SM Maya 179

SM Maya 191

SM Maya 209

SM Maya 210

SM Maya 231

SM Maya 256

SM Maya 281

SM Maya 327

SM Maya 352

SM Maya 357

New from WPL Productions!  Lovely Jorgie is back!

Lovely Jorgie is back for another sexy video for WPL Productions.  Jorgie is a mainstream model who has done a couple of lingerie tease video shoots and brings a great attitude and freshness to the project.  She has a lovely face and toned and firm figure with a beautiful round tushy.  Jorgie is playful and is getting more comfortable with the exposure for this type of modeling.  It is fun to watch her develop and enjoy herself.

Download Jorgie #4 (60 minutes) for $20.00

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WPL Jorgie 4 5

WPL Jorgie 4 39

WPL Jorgie 4 48

WPL Jorgie 4 78

WPL Jorgie 4 88

WPL Jorgie 4 121

WPL Jorgie 4 142

WPL Jorgie 4 151

WPL Jorgie 4 211

WPL Jorgie 4 218

WPL Jorgie 4 234

WPL Jorgie 4 245

WPL Jorgie 4 267

WPL Jorgie 4 285

WPL Jorgie 4 296

WPL Jorgie 4 320

WPL Jorgie 4 337

WPL Jorgie 4 352

My new video!  Sexy Rose is back and smoking hot!

Rose is back with a very sexy video.  We started out by showing that she is dead sexy in any outfit, even a plain t-shirt.  Her boobs are looking great today.  Rose moved on to some very sexy outfits and did a great job of teasing and showing off her amazing body for us.  She did some great posing in front of the mirror for the first time.  That worked out very well.  Rose was very creative and sexy today.

Download Rose #48 (60 minutes) for $20.00

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Rose 48 8

Rose 48 5

Rose 48 11

Rose 48 72

Rose 48 76

Rose 48 110

Rose 48 127

Rose 48 153

Rose 48 176

Rose 48 196

Rose 48 217

Rose 48 231

Rose 48 249

Rose 48 261

Rose 48 300

Rose 48 315

Rose 48 346

Rose 48 370

New from GPV Video!  Busty girlfriend Lisa is back!

Lisa is a college student who we convinced to do some modeling. A bit nervous at first, she came to enjoy being a little naughty on camera. All natural 32DD, btw!

Scene 1: Putting groceries away in another cheerleading uniform - this one has a sexy breast-hugging spandex top and she's wearing white thong panties while barefoot.

Scene 2: She likes the groceries scenes, and this time she's wearing a casual purple top (braless), purple panties, and a white micro skirt with heels.

Scene 3: More groceries plus some dishes in the same breast-hugging blue cheerleader top as Scene 1, but with matching blue thong panties!

Scene 4: At a different location, she bakes cupcakes in bikinis - our purple string bikini (with heels) and her own leopard print bikini (barefoot).

Download Lisa #2 (35 minutes) for $10.00

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New form Sandlmodels!  Sexy babe Tina is back with a killer video!

Lovely Tina is back for an incredible video for Sandlmodels.  Tina is gorgeous with no tattoos or piercings, a beautiful face and a beautiful body, especially her perky boobs.  They are just perfect.  Tina wears a transparent thong in a couple of the scenes and the posing and teasing is too hot for the previews.  Tina finishes up with a very sexy shower and bubble bath.  She is adorable in any setting.  Enjoy the show.

Download Tina’s second 60-minute video for $20.00

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SM Tina 2 3

SM Tina 2 32

SM Tina 2 53

SM Tina 2 66

SM Tina 2 79

SM Tina 2 123

SM Tina 2 129

SM Tina 2 147

SM Tina 2 179

SM Tina 2 194

SM Tina 2 203

SM Tina 2 227

SM Tina 2 250

SM Tina 2 259

SM Tina 2 288

SM Tina 2 319

SM Tina 2 344

SM Tina 2 379

This weeks update for the NWB Clip Club.

Welcome to the Northwest Beauties Clip Club.  I designed this as a way for newer fans to see a super preview of my videos.  Inside the club is 50 full-length scenes featuring 50 different Northwest Beauties models.  That is over 8 hours of video.

I am updating the site again and will post at least 2 full-length clips per week.  You can join with either recurring or non-recurring billing.

Join the Northwest Beauties Clip Club for $20.00

Club Members enter here

Kira 2 86

Paige 10 28

This weeks update of the Sandlmodels Clip Club!

Welcome to the Sandlmodels Clip Club.  The Clip Club includes 30 full-length scenes featuring 30 different Sandlmodels beauties. That is 5 full hours of sexy videos.  Club access is for 30 days.

The Sandlmodels Clip Club updates once each week with 2 new full-length clips.  Membership is $25.00 for a one-time 30 day access or $20.00 for 30 days and $15.00 recurring membership each month.

Join the Sandlmodels Clip Club for $25.00

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SM Scarlet 61

SM Tina 59

This weeks update of the AP Studio Clip Club!

Welcome to the AP Studio Clip Club.  This club features 25 full-length scenes with the babes of AP Studio.  Check out 25 different hot models.  There is over 4 hours of video for you to enjoy.

The clip club updates with 2 new scenes each week.  The price is $20.00 for 30 days access.

Join the AP Studio Clip Club for $20.00

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AP Amber 3 95

AP Kalinda 6 55

This weeks update for the WPL Productions Clip Club!

Welcome to the WPL Productions Clip Club.  This site features videos of the sexy models at WPL Productions.  We are offering 25 full-length scenes, plus an unpublished bonus video of Kristen doing a wet t-shirt scene for you.  That is 5 hours of videos to download and enjoy.

The WPL Productions Clip Club will be updated weekly with 2 new scenes.  Membership is $25.00 for a one-time 30 day membership or $20.00 for 30 days and $15.00 per month after that.

Join the WPL Productions Clip Club

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WPL Angelique 2 187

WPL Taylor 2 209

New from WPL Productions!  Sexy babe Jil is back!

Sexy redhead Jil is back for another smoking hot video for WPL Productions.  This is the second part of her shoot where she went to the bolder and more revealing posing.  She looks great and looks like she is into the poses.  Jil is one of my favorites and it is always nice to see her again.

Download Jil #16 (72 minutes) for $20.00

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WPL Jil 16 2

WPL Jil 16 56

WPL Jil 16 62

WPL Jil 16 79

WPL Jil 16 123

WPL Jil 16 142

WPL Jil 16 158

WPL Jil 16 183

WPL Jil 16 188

WPL Jil 16 202

WPL Jil 16 205

WPL Jil 16 229

WPL Jil 16 258

WPL Jil 16 264

WPL Jil 16 301

WPL Jil 16 310

WPL Jil 16 356

WPL Jil 16 371

WPL Jil 16 410

WPL Jil 16 439

My new video!  Sexy Sierra is back with a killer video!

Lovely Sierra is back for another great video.  She is a stunning redhead, lush and full-figured and also very intelligent and interesting to work with.  Sierra has a unique look and sense of style.  She has an extensive wardrobe and looks fantastic in every scene.  Sierra does a great job of showing off her excellent figure.  Enjoy the show.

Download Sierra #13 (60 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

Sierra 13 2

Sierra 13 19

Sierra 13 44

Sierra 13 60

Sierra 13 83

Sierra 13 121

Sierra 13 143

Sierra 13 164

Sierra 13 180

Sierra 13 195

Sierra 13 209

Sierra 13 236

Sierra 13 271

Sierra 13 291

Sierra 13 300

Sierra 13 322

Sierra 13 343

Sierra 13 379

New from BB Productions!  Caitlin McSwain is back and fully nude!

Caitlin McSwain returns for another killer video for BB Productions.  Caitlin is smoking hot and she loves the camera.  She has a perfect body and loves to show it off.  One thing that jumps out in the videos is how much Caitlin loves the attention and showing us her body.  Her boobs and butt are incredible.  I could watch Caitlin all day.

Download Caitlin #3 (60 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

BB Caitlin 3 2

BB Caitlin 3 15

BB Caitlin 3 34

BB Caitlin 3 58

BB Caitlin 3 99

BB Caitlin 3 111

BB Caitlin 3 135

BB Caitlin 3 156

BB Caitlin 3 187

BB Caitlin 3 200

BB Caitlin 3 225

BB Caitlin 3 254

New from GPV Video!  Our favorite girlfriend Carlotta Champagne!

Carlotta is a professional model who has appeared in Playboy and countless other sites. She did some exclusive scenes for us in a variety of outfits.

Scene 1: Carlotta plays a naughty cheerleader in her first scene. She seems to like letting us look up her skirt while she puts the groceries away and cleans up in the kitchen.

Scene 2: Carlotta went shopping again. No cheerleader uniform this time, but she is wearing a miniskirt and a pair of white cotton thong panties.

Scene 3: Your sweet girlfriend Carlotta thought it would be nice to bake you some brownies... without pants! She's braless in a semi-sheer pink top which looks cute with her pink lace panties. After a few minutes, she takes her shirt off in order to cool her breasts down.

Scene 4: Dressed in a lacy black top (without a bra) and cute tight pink panties, Carlotta puts the dishes away while we admire her panty-curves.

Scene 5: Watch Carlotta in her own sexy white lace lingerie ensemble (and heels) as she puts the dishes away like a nice little housewife.

Download GPV Carlotta (31 minutes) for $10.00

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New from Sandlmodels!  Sexy Josie is back for a killer video!

Super cute Josie is back for another hot video for Sandlmodels.  She has a wonderful smile and a great body.  I love her perky boobs and nice round tushy.  Josie does a great job of modeling 6 sexy outfits and doing some great teasing for us.  I think she is a keeper and you will love watching her.

Download Josie’s second 60-minute video for $20.00

Members enter here

SM Josie 2 4

SM Josie 2 44

SM Josie 2 60

SM Josie 2 68

SM Josie 2 86

SM Josie 2 107

SM Josie 2 133

SM Josie 2 154

SM Josie 2 166

SM Josie 2 194

SM Josie 2 204

SM Josie 2 239

SM Josie 2 246

SM Josie 2 256

SM Josie 2 271

SM Josie 2 320

SM Josie 2 353

SM Josie 2 368

New from WPL Productions!  Sexy Bree is back and fully nude!

Lovely Bree is back for a very sexy video for WPL Productions.  She is looking great today and her and the camera guy did some very creative stuff for us.  I liked the outdoor scene with the semi-public setting.  I also liked the clothes-changing scene.  Bree loves the camera and gets fully nude for us.  She is always great to watch.

Download Bree #5 (72 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

WPL Bree 5 14

WPL Bree 5 60

WPL Bree 5 69

WPL Bree 5 79

WPL Bree 5 91

WPL Bree 5 131

WPL Bree 5 166

WPL Bree 5 184

WPL Bree 5 212

WPL Bree 5 233

WPL Bree 5 278

WPL Bree 5 298

WPL Bree 5 310

WPL Bree 5 329

WPL Bree 5 344

WPL Bree 5 380

WPL Bree 5 400

WPL Bree 5 450

My new video!  Kerri Taylor is back and fully nude!

Sexy babe Kerri Taylor is back for her second video.  As before, Kerri is smoking hot and a great model.  In this video, she goes to the next level and gets fully nude for us!  It is quite a treat and I loved checking Kerri out while she teased and stripped for us.  A great video by a great model.

Download Kerri’s second 60-minute video for $20.00

Members enter here

Kerri 2 3

Kerri 2 28

Kerri 2 56

Kerri 2 69

Kerri 2 87

Kerri 2 107

Kerri 2 126

Kerri 2 142

Kerri 2 147

Kerri 2 169

Kerri 2 180

Kerri 2 220

Kerri 2 237

Kerri 2 264

Kerri 2 278

Kerri 2 291

Kerri 2 307

Kerri 2 331

Kerri 2 346

Kerri 2 366

New from GPV Video!  Sexy girlfriend Jeanie is back!

Today's girlfriend, Jeanie, is an artist who needs some money for rent, so she agreed to do some chores for cash but she didn't want too many tacky close-ups.

Scene 1: Jeanie bakes cookies from scratch while wearing a sheer white top and sheer white thong panties
Scene 2: She finishes up the cookies and cleans while wearing her own camisole and our blue lace thong panties
Scene 3: Something different: Jeanie lays in our studio to read her book while wearing her pink top (braless) and our lavender cotton panties.

Downoad Jeanie’s 30-minute video for $10.00

Members enter here











New from Sandlmodels!  Sexy Scarlet is back!

Sexy babe Scarlet is back for another smoking hot video for Sandlmodels.  Scarlet is gorgeous.  She is lean and limber and curvy in the right places.  She has beautiful tits and ass.  Scarlet does an excellent job of teasing and showing off her body.  She loves the camera and really gets into the shoot.  Scene 6 is a doozy, definitely one for the keeper folder.  Enjoy the show.

Download Scarlet #4 (60 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

SM Scarlet 4 3

SM Scarlet 4 58

SM Scarlet 4 57

SM Scarlet 4 67

SM Scarlet 4 88

SM Scarlet 4 119

SM Scarlet 4 129

SM Scarlet 4 163

SM Scarlet 4 179

SM Scarlet 4 194

SM Scarlet 4 221

SM Scarlet 4 234

SM Scarlet 4 260

SM Scarlet 4 286

SM Scarlet 4 301

SM Scarlet 4 318

SM Scarlet 4 332

SM Scarlet 4 371

New from WPL Productions!  Sexy Serene is back with a very hot video!

Busty bombshell Serene is back for another hot video for WPL Productions.  Serene has a magnificent body and the camera guy makes sure we get to check her out from all angles.  Serene does some nice teasing and great posing.  I love watching her progress through each scene.  This is a very hot video.  Enjoy the show.

Download Serene #4 (60-minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

WPL Serene 4 12

WPL Serene 4 24

WPL Serene 4 58

WPL Serene 4 67

WPL Serene 4 79

WPL Serene 4 109

WPL Serene 4 138

WPL Serene 4 145

WPL Serene 4 150

WPL Serene 4 179

WPL Serene 4 199

WPL Serene 4 219

WPL Serene 4 235

WPL Serene 4 255

WPL Serene 4 296

WPL Serene 4 299

WPL Serene 4 304

WPL Serene 4 338

WPL Serene 4 359

WPL Serene 4 373

My new video!  Sexy Ashley is back for her best video!

Ashley K is back for her best video so far.  She is looking fantastic, her boobs are huge and firm and her booty looks amazing.  Ashley did her best and most daring posing today, giving us great looks at her lush figure from many angles.  She is a sexy and vibrant young lady who has gotten really good at video modeling.  Enjoy the show.

Download Ashley K #17 (60 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

Ashley K 17 6

Ashley K 17 35

Ashley K 17 57

Ashley K 17 80

Ashley K 17 110

Ashley K 17 130

Ashley K 17 134

Ashley K 17 150

Ashley K 17 161

Ashley K 17 204

Ashley K 17 212

Ashley K 17 241

Ashley K 17 252

Ashley K 17 284

Ashley K 17 304

Ashley K 17 321

Ashley K 17 337

Ashley K 17 353

My new Special Deal!  Brandy’s 3-pack Special #2!

Brandy’s new special deal includes her entire 4th, 5th, and 6th videos, 3 full hours of Brandy.  She is one of my all-time favorite models, extremely cute with a killer body, including one of the nicest tushies I have ever seen.  Brandy is one of the nicest young ladies I have worked with, but she has a naughty streak as well.  She loves to dress up and tease the camera.  All of Brandy’s videos are very hot.  We both had a blast making them.

Download Brandy’s 3-pack #2 (180 minutes) for $25.00

Members enter here

Brandy 4 8

Brandy 4 24

Brandy 4 49

Brandy 4 84

Brandy 4 110

Brandy 4 158

Brandy 4 220

Brandy 4 276

Brandy 4 324

Brandy 5 20

Brandy 5 42

Brandy 5 99

Brandy 5 71

Brandy 5 76

Brandy 5 86

Brandy 5 125

Brandy 5 141

Brandy 5 292

Brandy 6 8

Brandy 6 55

Brandy 6 84

Brandy 6 96

Brandy 6 147

Brandy 6 148

Brandy 6 164

Brandy 6 212

Brandy 6 219

New from Sandlmodels!  Katerina is back and smoking hot!

Whew, this video is crazy hot.  Sexy babe Katerina is back for another hot video for Sandlmodels.  Katerina smolders in this video.  She turned up the heat a few notches and made one of the hottest videos I have seen for awhile.  Katerina is a dark-haired beauty with a great body and really gets into the video.  Enjoy the show.

Download Katerina’s second 60-minute video for $20.00

Members enter here

SM Katerina 2 8

SM Katerina 2 19

SM Katerina 2 51

SM Katerina 2 68

SM Katerina 2 80

SM Katerina 2 122

SM Katerina 2 136

SM Katerina 2 163

SM Katerina 2 171

SM Katerina 2 191

SM Katerina 2 215

SM Katerina 2 244

SM Katerina 2 252

SM Katerina 2 254

SM Katerina 2 296

SM Katerina 2 315

SM Katerina 2 329

SM Katerina 2 366

New from WPL Productions!  Sexy blonde Tara is back!

Lovely blonde Tara is back for another sexy video for WPL Productions.  This video has a little bit of everything.  Tara starts us out with a great T-shirt destruction scene, giving us some nice peeks at her great boobs.  I loved her pink mesh outfit in scene 3, very form-fitting.  Tara finishes the video with a hot baby oil scene.  She is a lot of fun to watch.  Her eyes and smile are both beautiful and make you want to see more.  Enjoy the show.

Download Tara #5 (72 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

WPL Tara 5 6

WPL Tara 5 22

WPL Tara 5 68

WPL Tara 5 73

WPL Tara 5 84

WPL Tara 5 121

WPL Tara 5 143

WPL Tara 5 158

WPL Tara 5 186

WPL Tara 5 213

WPL Tara 5 244

WPL Tara 5 276

WPL Tara 5 320

WPL Tara 5 333

WPL Tara 5 370

WPL Tara 5 382

WPL Tara 5 403

WPL Tara 5 431

My new model!  Check out sexy teen Alisha!

Welcome to my new model Alisha.  She is a lovely young lady with beautiful eyes and smile and a very sexy body with big full boobs.  Alisha loves to model and is very comfortable with the camera.  She has lots of her own great poses and tried out several of my favorites, including some great booty poses.  Alisha has a ton of potential and I hope to do a lot of videos with her.

Download Alisha’s first 60-minute video for $20.00

Members enter here

Alisha 7

Alisha 22

Alisha 34

Alisha 93

Alisha 101

Alisha 150

Alisha 166

Alisha 204

Alisha 225

Alisha 266

Alisha 278

Alisha 290

Alisha 313

Alisha 322

Alisha 349

Alisha 381

Check out my new Special Deal!  Kendra 3-pack Special   $25.00

This special contains Kendra’s first 3 60-minute videos.  Kendra is a first-time model and very fun to work with.  She has a great smile, great boobs, a great attitude, and is also a great tease.  We had a great time making these videos and I know you will enjoy them.

Members enter here

Kendra 3

Kendra 28

Kendra 84

Kendra 126

Kendra 172

Kendra 266

Kendra 298

Kendra 352

Kendra 377










Small 5

Small 20

Small 29

Small 53

Small 70

Small 62

Small 98

Small 113

Small 168

New from Sandlmodels!  Kelly D is back for a sexy video!

Sexy babe Kelly D is back for another hot video for Sandlmodels.  This one is kind of different in that Kelly D shot these scenes herself.  There are 8 sexy scenes, including a cool outdoor scene, a baby lotion scene, and a very nice schoolgirl tease scene at the end.  Kelly is looking at and speaking to the camera and it is pretty cool.  Kelly is looking toned and tanned and that booty is looking great.  Check it out.

Download Kelly D #25 (85 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

SM Kelly 25 3

SM Kelly 25 66

SM Kelly 25 83

SM Kelly 25 135

SM Kelly 25 155

SM Kelly D 25 190

SM Kelly D 25 223

SM Kelly D 25 264

SM Kelly D 25 288

SM Kelly D 25 332

SM Kelly D 25 440

SM Kelly D 25 451

SM Kelly D 25 507

SM Kelly D 25 536

New from GPV Video!  Cute Mei Mei is back!

Meimei is a cutie Asian MILF with a couple kids and a couple doctorates! She's not our typical "girlfriend" but she likes showing off on camera.

Scene 1: Meimei puts the dishes away while dressed in a black fishnet shirt and purple panties.

Scene 2: Time for frosting cupcakes while wearing a shirt and a schoolgirl miniskirt along with the white ruched panties some of our other girlfriends have worn.

Download Mei Mei’s second 30-minute video for $10.00

Members enter here









New from WPL Productions!  Sexy babe Cha-Cha is back!

Wow, this chick has some great tits.  I can’t stop looking at them.  Sexy babe Cha-Cha is back for another hot video for WPL Productions.  She did a great job of posing and teasing and the camera guy got a ton of great closeups and camera angles.  This is a pretty hot video.  Check it out.

Download Cha-Cha’s third 72-minute video for $20.00

Members enter here

WPL Cha Cha 3 2

WPL Cha Cha 3 52

WPL Cha Cha 3 64

WPL Cha Cha 3 70

WPL Cha Cha 3 111

WPL Cha Cha 3 126

WPL Cha Cha 3 144

WPL Cha Cha 3 145

WPL Cha Cha 3 169

WPL Cha Cha 3 238

WPL Cha Cha 3 271

WPL Cha Cha 3 288

WPL Cha Cha 3 307

WPL Cha Cha 3 349

WPL Cha Cha 3 361

WPL Cha Cha 3 386

WPL Cha Cha 3 413

WPL Cha Cha 3 424

My new video!  Beautiful Rose is back with a smoking hot video!

It is great to have Rose back modeling again.  She is one of the all-time favorite models on the website.  As always, she is smoking hot with the killer body we enjoy so much.  Rose was glad to return and we had a great time during the shoot.  Her boobs and booty look amazing and we get plenty of great poses to show everything off.  Scene 4 with the red robe is pretty awesome.  As you know, Rose is really good with robes.  Come on in and enjoy the show.

Download Rose #47 (60 minutes) for $20.00

Members enter here

Rose 47 20

Rose 47 53

Rose 47 72

Rose 47 94

Rose 47 126

Rose 47 153

Rose 47 163

Rose 47 174

Rose 47 187

Rose 47 210

Rose 47 240

Rose 47 268

Rose 47 281

Rose 47 300

Rose 47 311

Rose 47 333

Rose 47 356

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My new video!  Sweet Maria is back with a very hot video!

New model Maria is back for her second video.  Maria is sweet and petite with a beautful smile, smoldering eyes, and an amazing booty.  Maria picked up where she left off in her first video, getting more comfortable and daring with each scene.  Her t-shirt destruction scene is very cute and sexy and her scene with the turquoise scarf was great and very seductive.  Maria did several great booty poses for us and showed that she has a ton of potential for many great videos to come.

Download Maria’s second 60-minute video for $20.00

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My new video!  Paige is back with a very hot video!

Paige is looking awesome in her new video.  She is very curvy and her boobs are big and full.  Paige’s body looks better than ever.  Paige was in a great mood and did some hot teasing, especially with the scarf in the final scene.  There are several great booty shots as usual.  Paige has one of the sweetest tushies around.

Download Paige #20 (60 minutes) for $20.00

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