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Welcome to Salma’s 2-pack Special.  This package includes her first two full-length videos, 2 full hours of sexy Salma!

Salma is a very sexy little package.  She is beautiful and has a great figure.  I really love her smile.  AP Studio found her in the local coffee shop, chatted her up, and convinced her to give modeling a try.  It is a great story..  Salma wears 4 sexy outfits in her first video for AP Studio and does a great job of showing off her petite body.  There are some very nice shots and it is always fun to watch a new model getting used to the video camera.

I knew this video would be hot when I saw Salma come out in the pink sheer dress commando-style.  Our sexy little barrista is looking aweseome today, from her beautiful face to her sweet little tushy.  Salma is very sexy as she models 4 hot outfits, including two different slingshots.  I love watching first-time models and Salma has a ton of potential.

Download Salma’s 2-pack Special (120 minutes) for $25.00

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