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Welcome to Zarah’s 2-pack Special Deal.  This package includes her first 2 full-length videos, 2 full hours of lovely Zarah!

Welcome to Zarah’s first video.  Zarah is a lovely brunette with a great body.  She has an amazing set of boobs and she does some nice slips, falling out of her top for us.  This is a great video.  Zarah is a natural model and picked everything up quickly and got pretty comfortable with the video camera.  She has a lot of potential and I am looking forward to watching her develop.

Zarah is sexy and sultry and loves to tease.  She has a perfect figure with big firm boobs and has a hard time keeping them covered in the outfits she is modeling.  Zarah was very hot in her first video and she has kept it going in this one.  I love to watch the models who are on the shy side, but want to tease a bit.  Enjoy the show.

Download Zarah’s 2-pack Special (120 minutes) for $25.00

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