Welcome to Cally's third video.  This is her second shoot with me. When she called to do another shoot with me, I said I wanted her to be more daring.  She said that she was also thinking that way too. ;) 

The result is a great video with a sexy woman going further than she had gone before.  Cally was having a great time and loving the attention.  Each scene, we went a little further then before. I am sure you will love the results. I think that you can tell by watching the video that Cally is a very hot young lady.

I wasn't sure how far Cally would go, so we were playing a game of chicken, where we both kept asking for and giving just a little bit more. If you like to watch me search for the comfort limits of the model, you will enjoy this video. Cally is one of my all-time favorite models, and favorite people from my years in this business.

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Cally 3 5

Cally 3 18

Cally 3 29

Cally 3 46

Cally 3 49 (2)

Cally 3 66

Cally 3 80

Cally 3 93

Cally 3 101

Cally 3 117

Cally 3 120

Cally 3 123

Cally 3 125

Cally 3 129

Cally 3 145

Cally 3 177

Cally 3 149

Cally 3 192