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Welcome to Bree’s 2-pack Special.  This package includes both of her full-length videos, 2 full hours of sexy blonde Bree!

Goodness, look at that tushy!  Butt-lovers can rejoice, we have a new queen.  Lovely blonde Bree does her first shoot for Sandlmodels and she puts on an excellent show for us.  Bree is an excellent tease and she gets comfortable pretty quickly.  I love her scene with the panty hose.  We need many more of those.  This is a great first video from a hot new model.  Check Bree out, you will love her.

Sexy blonde Bree is back with a killer video for Sandlmodels.  Bree is very cute and she has a great booty and nice firm boobs.  She does some great teasing and the camera guy gets some great closeups and low-angle shots.  It is a great show.  Bree does a very sexy shower and bath scene for us.  I love it when these models get all wet and soapy.

Download Bree’s 2-pack Special (120 minutes) for $25.00

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