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Welcome to Lalana’s third 3-pack Special.  This package includes Lalana’s 8th, 9th, and 10th 60-minute videos, 3 full hours of sweet Lalana!

This is an excellent 3-pack and has a lot of variety.  The first video is standard Lalana, beautiful model posing and showing off her incredible tushy.  The second video is strictly a fetish video, all about the booty.  Lalana shows us her booty in various bottoms.  She has one of the best ever.  The last video is a mixture of fetish scenes and straight modeling.  The first scene is a pantyhose scene, the second scene is a nail-painting foot fetish scene.  The next two scenes are excellent.  The are shot in the bedroom with ambient lighting and are very hot.  For the last two scenes, Lalana brings her friend Bonnie into the studio and teaches her some poses.  Afterwards, Lalana and Bonnie each do a short solo scene.  I had never watched Lalana’s 10th video before, but I think it is one of her best videos.  Overall, this package has a lot of great stuff and Lalana is really something special.

Download Lalana 3-pack #3 (180 minutes) for $25.00

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SM Lalana 9 4

SM Lalana 9 6

SM Lalana 9 15

SM Lalana 9 24

SM Lalana 9 30

SM Lalana 9 36

SM Lalana 10 2

SM Lalana 10 8

SM Lalana 10 11

SM Lalana 10 16

SM Lalana 10 20

SM Lalana 10 25

SM Lalana 10 28

SM Lalana 10 30

SM Lalana 10 34

SM Lalana 10 43

SM Lalana 10 47

SM Lalana 10 50

SM Lalana 10 56

SM Lalana 10 61

SM Lalana 10 67

SM Lalana 10 72

SM Lalana 10 74

SM Lalana 10 76

SM Lalana 10 77

SM Lalana 10 80