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Welcome to Zoe’s 3-pack Special.  This package includes Zoe’s first 2 videos, 2 full hours of sexy Zoe!

Woo hoo, we have another new model for WPL Productions and she is a real cutie.  Welcome to Zoe’s first video.  Zoe is super cute, very toned, and very talkative.  She has a lot of energy and a lot of personality.  I love Zoe’s tight toned body.  She is in great shape and that is very sexy.  Tune in and listen to Zoe talk about herself while she poses.  We all love new models.

Cute and sexy Zoe is back with her new video for WPL Productions.  Zoe had a great debut video and she picks up where she left off.  Zoe has a lot of energy and is very expressive.  She poses all over the studio and gives us some great booty poses along the way.  Zoe does a very nice tease video for us.  Enjoy the show.

Download Zoe’s 2-pack Special (120 minutes) for $25.00

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