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Welcome to Kait’s 2-pack Special.  This package includes her first two full-length videos, 2 full hours of sexy Kait!

Kait is a very cute blonde with a great body.  She is Ellie’s friend and they do a very nice scene together.  It is always fun to watch a new model getting used to being on video and getting comfortable with everything.  Enjoy the show.

Kait returns for another very sexy video for AP Studio.  Kait is very exotic-looking and has a perfect body.  Her boobs are incredible.  Kait starts out bottomless in two of her scenes and ends up fully nude in each scene.  She is great on camera and does some very hot teasing for us.  I really liked the moody lighting.  Enjoy the show.

Download Kait’s 2-pack Special (120 minutes) for $25.00

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