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Welcome to Natalie’s new 2-pack Special.  This package includes her 3rd and 4th full-length videos, 2 full hours of sultry Natalie!

Sexy babe Natalie is back for another smoking hot video for AP Studio.  It looks pretty easy to be Natalie’s camera guy.  Just turn on the camcorder and lay back and enjoy the show.  Natalie does the rest.  She is absolute dynamite, teasing and posing and getting fully nude so we can enjoy everything.  You need to check out Natalie’s videos, they are on a different level.

It is always a good sign when the model starts the first scene commando-style.  Sexy babe Natalie is back for another sexy video for AP Studio.  She loves the camera and gets fully nude for us.  Natalie is very creative and is perfect for this type of video.  Enjoy the show.

Download Natalie 2-pack #2 (120 minutes) for $25.00

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