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Welcome to the discount page.  I frequently offer some of my best videos for discounted prices and I will be gathering them together and posting them here, so the discounts are permanent.

Welcome to Natasha's first modeling video. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Natasha is 21 years old, 5'4" and 110 pounds. She has reddish-brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She also has a great figure. Simply put, Natasha is very hot from head to toe.

This is Natasha's first time modeling lingerie and modeling with her top off. She was a little nervous at first, but quickly warmed up and got better with each scene.

I really enjoyed working with her. She is intelligent and has a great attitude and personality. If you enjoy my videos with Angela and Elsa, then you will also enjoy Natasha's videos.

Download Natasha C #1 for $5.00

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Natasha C 2

Natasha C 27

Natasha C 59

Natasha C 68

Natasha C 96

Natasha C 122

Natasha C 131

Natasha C 146

Natasha C 159

Natasha C 194

Natasha C 200

Natasha C 241

Natasha C 251 (2)

Natasha C 278 (2)

Natasha C 294 (2)

Natasha C 312 (2)

Natasha C 353


Welcome to Tasha’s first video.  She has turned 18 the week before the shoot and we were both pretty excited to have her do her first modeling on video.  Tasha is a beautiful blonde, very smart and poised and sure of herself.  She is absolutely gorgeous, one of the sexiest women I have ever worked with.  We ended up making a bunch of videos and even a website for her.  Watch her first time on video.

Download Tasha’s first 60-minute video for $4.99

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Tasha 5

Tasha 22

Tasha 13

Tasha 46

Tasha 51

Tasha 64

Tasha 69

Tasha 98

Tasha 111

Tasha 125

Tasha 136

Tasha 145

Tasha 147

Tasha 164

Tasha 177

Tasha 196

Tasha 188

Tasha 209

Tasha 214

Tasha 225


Archive Special!  Watch Cristina’s first video for $4.99!

Cristina is 19 years old and absolutely beautiful, definitely one of the most attractive models I have worked with. Cristina is a beginning model and this is her first video work, first lingerie work, etc.

Cristina has a beautiful face, beautiful butt, beautiful boobs, you get the picture.  She gets more comfortable and daring with each new scene.  By the middle of this video, she was blazing hot.

She is just amazing. She has great modeling instincts, a great attitude, and is naturally very sexy. I really loved working with her and I know that she will become one of your favorite NWB models.

Download Cristina’s first 60-minute video for $4.99

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Cristina 2

Cristina 46

Cristina 53

Cristina 65

Cristina 63

Cristina 84

Cristina 122

Cristina 147

Cristina 162

Cristina 186

Cristina 189

Cristina 214

Cristina 317

Cristina 334

Cristina 343

Cristina 365

Archive Special!  Watch Shanee’s first video for $4.99!

Welcome to Shanee's first video. This is her first time modeling.

Shanee is petite and sweet, being just 5' tall and weighing 100 pounds with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

She is a very nice young lady and has a great smile. She was a pleasure to work with and learned quickly. Shanee has a well-toned body from swimming and a natural tan, which I think is great. I really like the tan lines.

I have been an internet modeling fan for many years and Shanee is one of the very best I have ever seen. Her combination of innocence and naughtiness are just too much.

Download Shanee’s first 60-minute video for $4.99

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Shanee 5

Shanee 15

Shanee 28

Shanee 40

Shanee 45

Shanee 54

Shanee 59

Shanee 75

Shanee 88

Shanee 90

Shanee 94

Shanee 102

Shanee 121

Shanee 147

Shanee 165

Shanee 192

Shanee 170

Shanee 224

Shanee 236

Shanee 255

Shanee 276

Archive Special!  Watch Alisha’s first video for $4.99!

Welcome to my new model Alisha.  She is a lovely young lady with beautiful eyes and smile and a very sexy body with big full boobs.  Alisha loves to model and is very comfortable with the camera.  She has lots of her own great poses and tried out several of my favorites, including some great booty poses.  Alisha has a ton of potential and I hope to do a lot of videos with her.

Download Alisha’s first 60-minute video for $4.99

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Alisha 7

Alisha 22

Alisha 34

Alisha 93

Alisha 101

Alisha 150

Alisha 166

Alisha 204

Alisha 225

Alisha 266

Alisha 278

Alisha 290

Alisha 313

Alisha 322

Alisha 349

Alisha 381

Archive Special!  Watch Alessandra’s first video for $4.99!

Please welcome Alessandra to the website. I think we will be working together quite a bit. As you can see, Alessandra is absolutely gorgeous. She is sexy, intelligent, and a great model. Alessandra started modeling a few months ago and is having a lot of success. She is new to this type of modeling and a little shy, but you can see how she warmed up as the shoot went on and her poses became more daring and provocative. Alessandra is a joy to work with and I am looking forward to our next shoot. I think she will become one of your favorite NWB models.

Download Alessandra’s first 60-minute video for $4.99

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Alessandra 4

Alessandra 25

Alessandra 57

Alessandra 69

Alessandra 74

Alessandra 103

Alessandra 112

Alessandra 158

Alessandra 165

Alessandra 183

Alessandra 175

Alessandra 193

Alessandra 212

Alessandra 239

Alessandra 273

Alessandra 278

Alessandra 295

Alessandra 325

This is Monica’s first video ever, she wears sheer lingerie and her astonishing beauty is an accompaniment to every outfit. This is a must have video and there will be more to come. Enjoy the show and make sure you make some free time for yourself because I can guarantee you will see these videos over and over again.

Jeff says:  Meet your new favorite model.  Monica is totally bodacious and this is obviously the most daring modeling she has done.  This is a very fun video to watch and I can’t wait for the next one.  Kudos to AP Studio on a great find.

Download Monica’s first 60-minute video for $4.99

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AP Monica 8

AP Monica 20

AP Monica 31

AP Monica 83

AP Monica 108

AP Monica 154

AP Monica 171

AP Monica 182

AP Monica 195

AP Monica 204

AP Monica 231

AP Monica 259

AP Monica 300

AP Monica 311

AP Monica 351

AP Monica 367

Archive Special!  Watch Eve’s first video for $4.99!

Meet your new favorite model.  This chick is absolute dynamite.  Eve is both beautiful and sexy and we don’t see that often.  Her body is ripe and lush and Eve really knows how to show it off to drive us crazy.  She loves the camera and is obviously enjoying herself a lot.  Eve is absolutely perfect for this type of video, a sensual goddess who loves to excite her admirers.  Enjoy the show.

Download Eve’s first 60-minute video for $4.99

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SM Eve 8

SM Eve 34

SM Eve 40

SM Eve 44

SM Eve 66

SM Eve 88

SM Eve 91

SM Eve 160

SM Eve 132

SM Eve 149

SM Eve 168

SM Eve 183

SM Eve 191

SM Eve 216

SM Eve 241

SM Eve 252

SM Eve 273

SM Eve 286

SM Eve 312

SM Eve 350

Archive Special!  Watch Elsa’s first video for $4.99!

Elsa is the sexiest new model to come around for a long time. She is 20 years old, 5'7" tall, with brown hair and brown eyes. Elsa has a gorgeous face and an amazing body.

Angela brought Elsa down with her for a shoot. They are both ring girls at the MMA fights and Angela was nice enough to point Elsa my way.

Elsa was great from the very first scene. She has excellent modeling instincts and makes up her own poses, including "The Elsa Pose", which I will have the other NWB models do from now on. ;)

Download Elsa’s first 60-minute video for $4.99

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Elsa 3

Elsa 11

Elsa 21

Elsa 37

Elsa 44

Elsa 51

Elsa 65

Elsa 75

Elsa 86

Elsa 94

Elsa 99

Elsa 108

Elsa 111

Elsa 145

Elsa 157

Elsa 168

Elsa 184

Elsa 189

Elsa 206

Elsa 213

Elsa 224

Elsa 225

Elsa 237

Elsa 253

Elsa 260

Elsa 267

Elsa 282

Archive Special!  Get Angela’s first video for $4.99!

Angela is a beautiful young woman in full bloom.  She has modeled all over the country with Hawaiian Tropic, doing bikini pageants, posing for calendars, and having a great time.  Angela is one of my first models I recruited from the internet modeling sites and she represents a real turning point for me.  I really enjoyed working with Angela and she has been modeling for me for several years now. This is one of her best videos and also one of my best.  You will love this one.

Download Angela’s first 60-minute video for $4.99

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Angela 1 6

Angela 1 45

Angela 1 54

Angela 1 62

Angela 1 70

Angela 1 86

Angela 1 103

Angela 1 107

Angela 1 129

Angela 1 131

Angela 1 159

Angela 1 179

Angela 192

Angela 206

Angela 214

Angela 261

Angela 265

Angela 274

Angela 297

Angela 323

Angela 332

Angela 351

Angela 372

Angela 393

Archive Special!  Get Chloe’s first video for $4.99!

Chloe turned 18 years old recently and this is her first video work.

She is gorgeous and has a great personality. Her eyes are just amazing and she also has a great booty. ;)

Chloe picked up the poses very quickly and contributed many of her own. She also turned out to be quite a tease. By the end of the video, I was pretty much just following her around while she did her thing.

I was really blown away by Chloe. I have worked with well over 100 models, but she is something special. You have to see her on video to really appreciate her.

Download Chloe's first 60-minute video for $4.99

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Chloe 5

Chloe 13

Chloe 19

Chloe 49

Chloe 58

Chloe 79

Chloe 113

Chloe 123

Chloe 143

Chloe 155

Chloe 173

Chloe 182

Chloe 203

Chloe 219

Chloe 231

Chloe 248

Chloe 264

Chloe 271

Chloe 288

Chloe 290

Chloe 300

Chloe 310

Chloe 327

Chloe 352

Archive Special!  Check out Rose’s first video for $4.99!

Rose is 19 years old. She is 5'7" and 120 pounds. She has beautiful blue eyes and a stunning figure with all-natural 34 D-cup boobs.

This is Rose's first time modeling anywhere. She contacted me after a model friend of hers decided not to come and we set up a shoot. As you can see, Rose has all the tools to be a great model. She has great modeling instincts and a great personality.

Download Rose's first 60-minute video for $4.99

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Check out her other videos

Rose 2

Rose 27

Rose 58

Rose 61

Rose 82

Rose 106

Rose 122

Rose 138

Rose 173

Rose 185

Rose 205

Rose 240

Rose 249

Rose 262

Rose 298

Rose 310

Rose 336

Rose 363

Archive Special!  Check out Sadie’s first video for $4.99!

She is Brandy's older sister and you can see that sexiness runs in the family. Sadie is very cute, very busty, and has a great attitude towards modeling and showing off her body. She surprised me by going commando in her second scene and doing some bottomless poses later on.  And we get tons of full frontal topless poses so we can check out Sadie’s amazing DD-cup boobs.

We both had a great time making this video. It is so much fun to work with models like Sadie. It is nearly impossible to find a model as hot and attractive as Sadie. She is a real treat.

Download Sadie’s first 60-minute video for $4.99

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Check out Sadie #2     Check out Sadie #3     Check out Sadie #4     Check out Sadie #5


Sadie 3

Sadie 23

Sadie 36

Sadie 60

Sadie 57

Sadie 79

Sadie 98

Sadie 135

Sadie 155

Sadie 173

Sadie 199

Sadie 211

Sadie 236

Sadie 226

Sadie 263

Sadie 295

Sadie 321

Sadie 358

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